Golf & Lavender


While at work I was given the task to design for an upcoming event that wanted to incorporate rustic elegance with the masculinity of golf. Trying to incorporate a sport into your wedding and making it look classy is no easy feat. What was I supposed to do, put golf balls in the bottom of the floral arrangement? Not going to lie, I thought about it. However, not so classy or elegant. Too “themey.”

How to go about this? By incorporating more “manly” florals such as thistles, artichokes, and kale lavender you and your fiancé can create something stunning and unique. First amazing idea: Adding blooming vegetables is not only less expensive, but adds that extra va-va-voom! Let’s take that and add in a few feminine blooms like white ranunculus and deep indigo roses. HELLO GORGEOUS! It’s a “perfect marriage.” (Get it? Anyone? Anyone?) Want to kick it up a couple more notches? Add those birch tree slabs with candles, have a moss runner to imitate the fairway, and add some oak moss for a touch of romance.

Now for the golf twist? Use sphere shaped vases with cattails and pussy willows (aka what you see when you golf.) Lastly, incorporate old wooden tees into the boutonnière. You can even fill a small shadow box with these and add mailbox numbers on top for the perfect table decor numbers. Other ideas? Using bunting flags to reminisce the flagstick (or pin for you golf aficionados). Why not add some argyle in your paper goods; it’ll be a Hole in One!

Blush Orangesicle

Blush Orangesicle

Anemones, gold polished table settings, and crystal chandeliers,  what is more perfect? (Other than watching Runaway Bride with a box of Snowcaps in your PJ’s…) The only thing missing from this romantic palette was a touch of delicate lace which … Continue reading

Plated Palette

Plated Palette

Some color palettes just bore me. Anyone can slap barney purple and avocado on a wedding invitation or dining room wall. It may be one of the saddest color combinations out there, so much that I’ve decided to show you how to reinvent boring.

Speaking of boring, are you confused on where to get your next dose of inspiration? Come on people, the possibilities are endless!Use that imagination!

Next time you just can’t decide on what goes together, take advice from the chefs. Some of the most beautiful color combinations come from what is right in front of you. (WARNING: If your meal starts with the word “Kraft” ignore me.) Think about the peppery arugula just nesting those carmelized red onions with the sweetness of the watermelon and saltiness of the feta.

But really, doesn’t this salad just look divine? How much more exciting is barney purple and avocado when paired with a juicy watermelon shade? How much more modern, hip, and dare I say- gravitating.

Migrating South

It’s been a month since my last post and things could not be anymore different.

I tried to stay optimistic but when I sent out over 50 resumes and cover letters for my dream job and received a few responses back, I was pretty devastated.

A month ago I spoke to one of my professors about the difficulty I was having in finding a job in a location I wanted to be in, coastal South Carolina. His advice couldn’t have been more simple or complicated; simply said and an ever complicated mess of emotions and stress.”Move.” Could this man have been anymore crazy? He thought I should just pack all of my stuff up in a Penske and move across the country. Not happening.

Well, less than a month later, that is exactly what I did. I packed up all of my belongings from my house I shared with three other wonderful, collegiate girls. Then I drove down with the rental busting at the seams with the help of my father and my fiancé. Why? Because this may be one of the only times I get a chance to take a risk like this, because people too often say “I wish I could” instead of actually doing it, and as someone wise once told me ” A goal is a dream with a deadline” and “there can be more than one right answer.” Call it what you may, but I am a woman of intuition- a person who does not have the luxury of not listening to their inner self. So, as strange as this sounds, when my heart told me to go, (although it tore me apart), I went.

For the next couple days we unpacked and built what seemed like all of Ikea: a coffee table, nightstand, bed frame, underneath bed storage, head board, dining table, and four dining room chairs. (Jake, my fiancé, may or may not have completed the entire bed in the time it took my father and I to do a coffee table.) One thing is for sure: the words “some assembly required” have never been so daunting.

Then, it was time for my fiancé and dad to fly home. I dropped them off on at the airport and was doing so well keeping it together. Jake disappeared behind security and I walked back through the parking garage until I got to my car and fell to pieces. I drove home sobbing not just with the knowledge that I was by myself, but because I was without my best friend.

When I got back I hung up my red parka and unpacked a few boxes. Right before I was about to lay down and pass out, I saw Jake’s black jacket that he decided he didn’t have room for in his luggage. As cheesy as this sounds, I hung up his dusty old jacket right next to mine as a reminder that I have something to look forward to, the day when we’d both be down here together- writing a new chapter after being in different cities for seven years. The jacket and I will be here when you get here. I love you honey.

Escort Cards under $1.75

Escort Cards Escort card holders are something commonly skipped out on, but these little trinkets can be the perfect way to add a bit of elegance or quirkiness to any celebration. Starting at just .92 cents per guest, how can you say no?

1.) Beau – Coup $10.32 for 7 count 2.) OriginalAnimal Magnet on Etsy $129 for 76 count
3.)  Party City $6.00 for 4 count  4.) BeachyChicDecor on Etsy $17.50 for 10 count
5.) The Knot Wedding Shop $6.60 for 6 count  6.) Wedding Favors Unlimited $3.71 for 4 count

Just Keep Swimming

Photo Credit: Little

Photo Credit: Little

As I continue the job search, I feel like I’m in Finding Nemo saying, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” To say that this has been a difficult time would be an understatement. I know I haven’t been waiting on the dock for this “ship”, but maybe it is time to do a backstroke rather than a freestyle. I am hopeful that changing up my plan of attack will bring me some better leads. Here’s to a finding P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way!